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Liquid Rarity Exchange

The Rarest Items in the World
Become the World's Most Lucrative Investment Vehicle

Liquid Rarity™ funds...

  • are a new tangible asset class of securities, backed by government issued intellectual property.
  • are co-managed/serviced by the top rarity experts/specialists in each sector.
  • focus on the highest quality assets and highest profit potential.
  • are comprised of rarity sectors that provide a significant history of average annual returns.
  • offer the benefits of public securities compared to private investments in rarity assets.
  • enable retail investor participation in specific rarity sectors via public securities for the first time.
  • allow financial advisors to diversify clients and allocate into a rarities strategy.
  • incorporate state-of-the-art asset protection and tracking systems, resulting in reduced insurance costs.
  • match the global demand for rarity assets in view of market volatility and geopolitical uncertainties.
  • are partnered with experienced, strategic and innovative investment banks.

The Rarity Investment Sector Consistently Outperforms the S&P500

According to recent research by art market leader Mei Moses®:

"Annual art index values outperformed the S&P 500 Total Return Index for equities between 2000 and September 2011. Economic uncertainty is creating more interest for tangible assets, where art, particularly at the high end of the market, is increasingly being viewed as a ‘store of value.’"

Liquid Rarity™ funds can include all classifications of collectables and rarities. Up until now, rarity sector investments have been almost exclusively through Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI's) in the form of Regulation D private placements.  For the first time, LRE enables retail investor participation in all forms of rarities and collectables through publicly traded SEC regulated securities.

Exclusive Patent Rights

LRE is a comprehensive intellectual property licencing company. Our patent titled System and Method for Asset Utilization (USPTO Issued Patent No. 8,015,069) is a "first in the art" completely unique business method.  LRE offers licensing opportunities to select investment companies that will offer Liquid Rarity™ funds.

Inceased Transparency and Disclosure

Liquid Rarity™ funds will be registered with the SEC and offered to the public.  Regulation D private placements lack liquidity, transparency, and disclosure compared to publicly traded funds.  Liquid Rarity™ funds registered with the SEC, and managed in collaboration with rarity experts/specialists, allow qualified financial managers to greatly benefit from this new “Art Asset” class of investments. 

Current Climate of Investor Uncertainty

The current climate of global market volatility and investor uncertainty sets the stage for a new alternative investment classification based on verifiable “Tangible” market value.  All LRE funds will be registered with The Securities and Exchange Commission.  As a result, transparency and full disclosure of pertinent information will be available to degree never before achieved in the rarity market.

Need for Safer Investment Alternatives

LRE funds have an inherent “tangible” asset base which allows for a safety cushion that most funds don’t enjoy.  In addition, all LRE fund assets will be constantly monitored, insured, and securely vaulted.

Opportunity to Link Rarity Market with Financial World

Each LRE investment fund requires the collaboration of two distinct experts groups; financial firms and rarity appraisers/dealers.  Both groups will closely manage each LRE fund from creation through maturity.

Liquid Rarity™ funds could include all rarity classifications including, but not limited to collections and examples in the following categories